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What if my name is complicated?

Place yourself into a Full Court of Atonement with all of your names, including past significant boyfriends who you didn’t take their name. (They link up anyway.)

I, _________, place myself, ___________, (birth name) into a full Court of Atonement with myself, __________, (Current name), and, ___________________ (List all names you have used) I ask to correct all conflicts between us. I ask to create unity in my identity. I ask to connect the power of the birthname to every portion of the name I choose to use.

What if I Don't Know Their Name?

When you don’t know a person’s name or even whom you are dealing with.  To create a connection you need to describe in words whom you are wanting to connect with.  IE  “The judge I will stand in front of next week.”   “The person who stole my jacket.”   “My best friend’s husband's sister.”   You get the idea.    Put your name in the first two spaces and describe them in the third.  

I, _____, place myself, ______, into a Full Court of Atonement with, __________________ (describe them and create a connection) I ask to analyze our timelines and resolve any and all conflicts between us.  I ask for positive resolution of this situation.

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 Spiritual 911 ~ This blog explains how to request for emergency assistance from the Court of Atonement and the divine realm. 

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