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Building Better Boundaries (2018)

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

If you are feeling like you are under psychic attack, entities are in your energy field or you are picking up other people’s symptoms or emotions as though they are your own. Not only are you an empath. – You have horrible boundaries!

People used to say to me that I needed better boundaries, but I had no idea what that really meant, much less how to solve it. They made it sound like I needed to tell people off and stand up for myself.

That may well be true! But I don’t know why it would make a difference in the spirit realm of things.

Spiritually speaking, when you have no boundaries, your energy drifts out and around pretty much like smoke on the wind.

In order to keep us healthy, mentally, emotionally and physically, our energy should be pulled up tight against us and held in a sphere around us by a layer of energy much like the film on a soap bubble.

Imagine blowing smoke into a soap bubble. You could easily see the boundaries that separate the smoke from the air around it. When you pop the bubble the film layer bursts and falls away. You would then see how quickly that smoke would dissipate and spread out far and wide.

When things happen to us that “Bursts our bubble.” And weakens our boundaries, look how quickly our energy spreads out.

How far do we go? I have no idea! But we get very scattered and feel like we have no energy. It leaves us open and vulnerable to receiving everybody else’s information.

You’ve all heard me say that once you’re in alignment with your name, saying your name three times will bring your energy back to you and ground you in your name. I still stand by that statement! However… I’ve come up with an idea to shield our energy in a blessing to help protect us.

As far as I know, there are no protective Shields that we can place on us that last more than a few hours. I’m interested to find out how long this will last.

I place myself (say your full name),_____________, in a Full Court of Atonement with myself (say your full name),________________, for the purpose of having strong healthy boundaries. I ask to have my guides purged with light and evaluated by my guardian guide given to me at birth. Any guides who no longer serve my highest and best are to be dismissed. I ask that they be blessed with light and granted any treatment necessary for their advancement as my parting gift to them.

I ask to disconnect and remove any and all energies that do not belong to me or that no longer serve my highest and best. I ask to move these energies completely out of my entire energy system and place them in Full Courts of Atonements to correct and heal their energy at their points of origin.

I ask to purify and sanctify my energy system to be entirely and uniquely my own! I ask to search and find all of my energy I have lost or sent out. I ask to bring my energy back to me purified and sanctified and anchor it at my core!

I ask to purge my entire energy system with divine, holy, love and bind my energy to me magnetically. I ask to seal my energy with a strong healthy boundary! I ask to wrap my energy field in blue green light that only divine guidance can pass through. I insist that only those guides, entities, energies, properties, emotions, ideas, thought forms and beliefs that are filled with light are allowed in my space!

I ask to charge this boundary with a blessing; Anyone or anything that bumps up against or attempts to pass through this shield is to be filled with light and placed into a full-court of atonement to correct their energy as needed!

I place myself (Say your full name), _____________,in a Full Court of Atonement with all levels of my consciousness as well as my guides, and I ask to be aligned with feeling safe to feel safe.

I, _____________, ask to be aligned with feeling safe to be me!

“So help me God!” (use this line if you feel like it.)

Now if you want to “Step into someone else’s energy to see what is happening” You can intend to do it. But be sure to step out and close the door behind you…. Put that boundary back in place.

I used to read this statement first thing in the morning and right before bed. Also if something jarring happened and I felt like it “Burst my bubble” But it was a long process and I am an on the go kind of person so I needed an easier way. I created what I call a “Speed Call” I talked with my guides and we connected all of the protocols written above, into a quick phrase the can be spoken on the go. I, _________ place myself into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of Developing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries.”

If you would like to have even more clarity, check out my article on the “Lost Twin” Some people have had a sibling die in the womb and their “Ghost” is caught in their energy field causing major feelings of being “Unwanted, unloved, unappreciated and even feelings of being unheard and unseen.” It causes empaths horrible feelings that a dark entity is in their space and that they can’t seem to clear their energy field.

©2018 Amy Jo Ellis

Amy Jo is the Author of The Court of Atonement. For more information about the Court of Atonement go to

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