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Taking Our Power Back

Updated: May 4

When we are angry with someone and holding on to that anger, just the mere mention of their name will lower the frequency of our energy. I created this dowsing chart to accompany my talk "Taking Our Power Back" for the Tucson Dowsers on May 4th.

Click on the chart to download a copy.

How to use this chart.

Think of someone in your life and state write their name down on the form. Ask the question. "How does my health respond the name _______." and write the number next to their name. If their name makes you feel good, you will get a positive number like +7.

If their name makes you feel bad, you will get a negative number like -4.

Once you judge the number, make the clearing statement and test again.

You may repeat the statement to see if it shifts even more.

Click on the chart to download a copy.

Amy Jo Ellis © 2024

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