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FCOA Oracle Cards

This 60 card deck is filled with fun and useful ways of using the Court of Atonement. 
Oracle Cards.jpg

Important Information

1. These cards are smaller than most Oracle card decks.  2.75 inches x 4.75 inches.

    (Standard Tarot deck, not Oracle card deck).

2. To keep the cost down, they do not come with a box!  They arrive in a ziplock bag. 

3.  It takes a long time to ship!  Like a month!
4.  The cards are printed on demand, so things are outside of my control.  

$27.99 + Shipping

22 Speed Call Cards to help you know what needs to be cleared

5 Element Cards.   Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Moon. 

60 FCOA statements printed on Amy Jo's original photography.  


These cards are printed on demand and purchased from Gamecrafters

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