Where Are My Classes?

Classes that were purchased live are delivered by email.   Search your inbox using the word "Replay" to help locate classes.   

Classes purchased solely as a digital recording are located at:

All class names are links. 

Types of Healing 


The section is filled with classes on healing modalities that are outside of the normal Full Court of Atonement process.   I have been working with Spirit Guides for many years.   These are all ways of healing that I have channeled and are worth sharing.


Distance Healing $10

Crystal Healing $10 

Healing St. Anthony Style $20

Healing with Photographs $15

Pendulum Healing $15

Working with Water $25

Introducing the Energy Bodies $25

Spiritual Enhancing Courses

The classes listed in this box are aimed to strengthen your spiritual awareness and enhance your connection to your guides.


Harnessing Your Empathy $20

Walk-ins $15

Clairsentience $10

All About Guides  $25

How to Connect to Our Guides $20

Working with Water $20

Ways to Use Time Jumping $20

​Alphabetized list of Class Replays

Absorbed Sibling Revisited $25

Addressing inflammation $25

Addressing Wellbeing $20

Advanced Pendulum  $20

All About Guides  $25

Applying Optimism $20

Beginning Pendulum  $25

Behind Heartbreak $15

Clairsentience $10

Clearing Financial Fears $10

Clearing the Effects of War $15

Crystal Healing $5

Curses Hexes & Spells $15

Dangers of Jealousy $15

Distance Healing $10

Draining the Basin of Fear $25

Filling Our Lives With Ease and Grace $15

Finding Peace Beyond Anger $15

From Mistakes to Redemption $25

Guardian Guides $25

Getting Over Loss $15

Harnessing Your Empathy $20

Healing St. Anthony Style $25

Healing With Photographs $15

Healing Your Relationship with Money $10

Heart Center Optimization  $15

Hidden Negativity (the Trojan Horse) $20

House Clearing  $20

How & Why to Work on Ourselves First $15

I Am $20

I’m Still Young $15

Intermediate pendulum Dowsing 1 $15

Intermediate Dowsing 2 $20

Intermediate Dowsing 3 $15

Let’s Get Motivated $15

Lift Your Emotions $15

Liking ourselves $15

Magic of Alignment $25

Making Peace With Our Bodies $25

Making Peace With Our Bodies $25

Name Clearing

Needs For Completion  $25

New Information on Alignment $10

Optimizing Our Boundaries $25

Optimizing Our Boundaries $25  (energy encasements)

Patterns, Portals, & Vortexes $15

Pendulum Healing$15

Possibly the Magic Key $25

Programming Positive Beliefs $15

Putting the Soul Back In the Body $25 

Retrieving Our Energy From Breakup $15

Revitalizing Our Energy $25

Speed Calls 2020 $25

Speed Calls 2019 $25

Spiritual Insights to Getting what You Choose $15

Spiritually Apologize $20

Stop It!   Free

Taking Our Power Back $20

Talking it Up! $10

Thoughts and Intentions   $25

Time Jumping  $25

Understanding Alchemy $15

Understanding Resistance $15

Unforgiveness the Root of All!  $25

Walk-ins $15

Wanting Things to Be Different  $20

Why We Attract Negative Energy FREE

Working with Water $25

Understanding Alchemy $15

Troubleshooting FCOA 2020  $25

Dowsing Bundle!

5 Dowsing Classes.  
From beginner to advanced.