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One on One Group Sessions


Every other week Amy Jo holds One on One group sessions, where she works with members of the zoom class to resolve their problems.  People in the audience get to follow along and not only learn how to use the Court of Atonement but solve some of their own problems because we are all human, so we have a lot of similar issues.  Classes are announced through emails. 

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Sunday Classes


Every other Sunday Amy Jo is guided to a topic and teaches either spiritual concepts or specialized uses of the Court of Atonement to help improve the quality of life.    

Facebook Group


The Court of Atonement is easy, all you need to do is state your full name, request a Full Court of Atonement and then ask for the positive outcome that you are looking for.   Even still, people doubt themselves and they want help wording a Court of Atonement, so, Amy Jo created a Facebook page where people can come in make a "Short" request and receive assistance almost immediately.

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