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The Court of Atonement resolves conflicts at the Soul level, which reduces stress and allows the body to heal itself.  The Court of Atonement works because our Souls exist in a realm without time or space.   We can ask our souls to meet in a Court of Atonement where they discuss the problems beyond the constraint of human emotions.   Once our souls understand what happened, relief can be felt in the physical body.   This relief is the reduction of stress, and reducing stress makes room for the body to heal itself.   

In 2012 Medium Amy Jo Ellis was sitting at her computer talking with her guides when she asked them, "What can I do to heal my husband's relationship with his family?"    At the time, she did not understand the answer "Place their souls into a Court of Atonement and ask to analyze their timeline and resolve the conflicts between them at their points of origin."     At that time, her husband had not heard from his family in many years. One month later, on his birthday, her husband received phone calls and texts from every member of his family.    He was so surprised by it that he asked Amy Jo. "Do you think that weird metaphysics stuff you did, had anything to do with them calling me?"   Her answer was, "YES! Without a doubt!"

A year later, while visiting family, a big argument broke out in the next room.   Once again, Amy Jo channeled and asked her guides. "Is there anything I can do to help resolve this argument?"    And yet again, she was told. "Place their souls into a Court of Atonement and ask to analyze their timeline and resolve the conflicts between them at their points of origin."     

The following day, Amy Jo's mother recognized how well everyone was getting along and asked her, "What did you do? Everyone is getting along so well. I am sure you did something!"   Only then did Amy Jo remember having used the Court of Atonement.    Her mother immediately asked her to write it down so that she could try to use it on other conflicts in the family.     She also asked. "Do you think this will work to heal problems between people who are no longer living?"   The answer surprised them both. "Yes, Those who have passed on need the unresolved issues of the past cleared.   The past is easily resolved for them.  The living, however, don't always clear as easily because we, the living, have free will. Our Soul or Spirit may choose to keep things as they are for the greater good.          



Amy Jo Ellis


Amy Jo calls herself a "Reluctant Psychic."   
She always had an uncanny ability to find missing items.     "I could ask where something was, close my eyes and see where the item was laying. 

I thought I was just remembering where I had seen it laying around. But occasionally, I would think to myself. 'When was I on the barn roof to see that?'"  It wasn't until years later that she realized she was receiving flashes of images or information in direct response to her questions.     In 2012 Amy Jo began working with a pendulum in a desperate attempt to save her life.   She was five days into a fever of 105, and the doctors were no closer to stopping it when she remembered reading about a healer who had used a pendulum for dowsing medical books to diagnose mysterious illnesses. 
Amy Jo took a necklace and held it over a list of vital organs. "Show me where this infection is coming from?"    The neckless held virtually still for a minute but then began to wiggle and shake until it began swinging back and forth over the word "Bladder."      Amy Jo told her doctor that she thought it might be a bladder infection and even had to lie and say that she had symptoms of a bladder infection because she didn't want to tell him, "My necklace says it's the bladder."   The test results came back, and in her doctor's words. "You are lucky you figured this out. You have an e-choli infection that is off the charts!"     After three days of being on the correct medicine, she was not only better. She was hooked on dowsing for life!


Amy Jo soon learned to clear her energy and repeat the Lord's Prayer several times and then use an Alphabet chart to communicate with her "Divine" guides.    She says. "It was like the greatest magic trick! I would ask questions I had no way of knowing the answers to and then watch as the pendulum spelled out the answers.   Within a few days, I would hear the word along with the first letter.   

The Court of Atonement

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