How to Call a Full Court of Atonement

Updated: Aug 19

The Court of Atonement is a spiritual healing modality based on the principle that our Souls are much more expansive than we are. Our souls can be in many places at once.

Even when we are in conflict with others in our everyday life, our soul remains neutral, free of negative emotions, and unbothered by the human condition.

When we use the Full Court of Atonement, we are request that the souls meet in a sacred space and discuss the problems between them. Once they understand why things happen, the relief will soon be felt in our nervous system and things that used to upset us, stop triggering a response from us.

Below is a simple explanation of the five steps to using the Full Court of Atonement.

1. Always start with your name.

Our names are the power generator gives us access to the Full Court of Atonement. Without using the name, it will not work! Our names are mandatory every time!

2. Use the words “Full Court of Atonement!”

We have to say the words “Full Court of Atonement” each time we intend to use it. You must ask for what you want in life, never assume that God, divinity, the angels, or even the Full Court of Atonement, understand what you are asking for… Spell it out in easy-to-understand wording.