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Addressing Health

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

The Court of Atonement

Addressing Health

Class Handout by Amy Jo Ellis

Getting to the bottom of the pain. Sometimes what is causing the illnesses can seem almost stupid. Small trivial things can build up to cause the stress that ultimately causes the body to break down. These are the steps I use on myself when I need to work on my own health. We hide these issues so well that we simply don’t remember them. Most are repressed memories.

To get started, put your focus right in the pain. Ask yourself these questions about it.

How strong is the pain right now on a scale of one to ten? (Ten being horrible.)

What size is it?

If it were a color, what color would it be?

If it were a shape, what shape would it be?

Is it heavy or light? Is it hard or Soft?

How old were you the first year you felt anything like this?

Just let an age come to mind.

Ask yourself who was involved. What was going on in your life at this time.

If you have trouble finding the answer keep saying.

I know I don’t know, but if I did know, what happened?”

Say it until your body is so sick of it that it coughs up the answer!


I, _____________ place myself into a Full Court of Atonement with my, ______ year old version of myself, _____________(state the name used at that time). I ask to bring in anyone and everyone associated with the event that caused this sensation. (Name anyone who comes to mind.)

I ask to analyze our timelines and correct any and all conflicts between us at their points of origin. I ask us to make a mends.

I ask to correct all conflicts between us, I ask us all to make amends. “I, _______ apologize for not pardoning myself and everyone involved sooner.”

Now, start the process over and go back through all of the questions until you get to a 0!


We can use clues to help us find where the pain might be coming from Right side of the body is masculine and left side is feminine.

If the pain is on the right think about the men in your life.

If the pain is on the left think about the women in your life. Even little girls and boys will have this right to left effect on us.

You can look at the Chakra that the affected area is located in, for clues as to what emotions can be behind it.

I have included a color coded list of emotions on the next page, that might assist you in your search. I am currently creating a broader list but for the moment this is all I have available.


Crown Chakra

Disapproval, discontent, disinterested, offended

Interested, approving, enchanted, inspired

Mastery Chakra

Panic, distraught, disbelieving, out of control

Faithful, relaxed, confident, self-reliant

Throat Chakra

Silenced, stifled, held-back, sadness, disgraced

Heard, harmony, assisted, happy,

Upper Heart

Sorrow, Embarrassed, Mortified, Distrust

Redeemed, prepared, trusting, cheery, cheerful

Heart Chakra

Heartache, left-out, Grief, accused,

Acknowledged, loved, praised, adored, connected.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Overwhelmed, nervous, terrified, broke, poverty

Refreshed, rescued, saved, provided for, comfortable, wealthy

Sacral Chakra

Ashamed, demoralized, hurt, condemned, modesty

Honored, self-assured, apologetic, self-forgiveness, confident, audacious,

Root Chakra

Out-Rage, Violence, Ruthless, Critical,

Gentility, kindness, peacefulness, obedience

Reference Books

“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay And

The Secret Language of the Body By Inna Segal

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