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Common Questions

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Common Questions

1. Do I have to say these calls out loud?

It is always more powerful to speak out loud. This is because we concentrate better when we are saying things aloud, but sometimes it is not possible to speak out loud.

So, If you must call these in your head, give them your undivided attention. If you say them in your mind with determination, it will work!

2. How often do I need to say them?

You can say them as often as you like, but we do not need to repeat a Court of Atonement statement. I usually only repeat statements when I am working on myself. Once should still be enough. Yet it feels rewarding to repeat it a few times and notice the shift in my nervous system.

If I am saying them for myself as the target (like to clear energy or to correct a habit.) I will repeat them until I feel like I cannot say it again. I,E, I, ________, place myself, ________, into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of quitting smoking. Repeating the statement gets easier with each pass.

If I am saying it for someone else to help them clear their energy or stop a habit, I do not repeat it. They have free will, so I try not to spiritually bully them. For instance, my neighbor said that he wants to quit smoking. So, I could place my neighbor into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of quitting smoking. I would just make the statement and then let it go and see what happens. A few weeks later, if I noticed he is still smoking, I will look for something that I might be missing.

For instance, I might realize that his father was a smoker, so, perhaps smoking helps this man feel closer to his father. I would then call a Full Court of Atonement between him and his father to correct any and all conflicts between him and his father. I could also ask for the father's assistance to help him quit smoking.

3. What if I can’t remember someone’s name?

You can still use the Court of Atonement without knowing a person’s name. To make an energetic connection to them, you can imagine them in your mind as strongly as possible.

Also, looking at a photo of the person works excellent. I have found the internet is an excellent resource for photos of people. I have searched Facebook to look into the eyes of my husband’s nephews!

4. How do I call a Court of Atonement for a specific problem?

The best thing to do is to make a simple statement and bring in all of the people involved and ask to resolve the issue. Then ask for the positive results you intend to receive.

5. Do I need to have someone’s permission?

You do not need to ask permission to work for another person. The soul is always participating in the Court of Atonement. Each person’s soul has free will to accept the suggestions you are offering or dismiss them.

Make all of your requests with love and appreciation for the person and try not to judge if it worked or not. The soul might have other plans. It is not up to us to dictate, so we should offer our assistance and then back away.

For the best results, work on the way you feel about what is happening in your life. Below is a worksheet that you can download and use to help clear the detrimental emotions that might be keeping you locked in repeating patterns.

Download PDF • 258KB

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