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What Are YOU Saying About MONEY?

– “I don’t have enough money.” “I’m broke, I can’t afford it, I could never afford it.” Do you say these things? STOP IT! These statements are creating tomorrow without enough money.

I did a clearing for a woman in Nashville around money. She was practically in poverty at the time. It was just after a big flood, and she had been literally “swept off” in a flash flood and totaled her car. Two months later, a tornado damaged her roof... Her list of major repairs went on and on. With a little investigation, we figured out that "I'm broke!" was the overused sentence that was creating all the damage.

Everything around her was broken. Her car, her house, her trees…

Learn from her mistake. Don’t use that statement!

I found two or three other major sources of poverty. They were items that she loved, but they came from the period in time when her money problems were at their worst.

Once we cleared the statement and her association to the items, it was like watching a magic show as the money came pouring in.

By the end of my week's stay with her, she had received thousands of dollars that had just been sitting there waiting for her to align with it.

People from the past began paying her money they owed her for songs she had written that they had recorded and released. (Two of them were famous singers and the money owed was in the thousands.). While I was there, my friend received a phone call about an uncollected insurance policy of her grandfather's from 40 years ago!!!

Talk about seeing the results of my efforts up close and personal!

If you and money are not as close as you would like to be, the first place I would look is at the words you are saying. Words are the creative force of our lives. If we are saying, "I'm broke." WE ARE, and we will remain that way until we stop saying that and behind speaking with gratitude about the money we already have in our lives. (or the things we have if we really do not have any money, but come on... Don't you have some change a sock drawer or at the bottom of your bag?

Say to yourself. "I am grateful for money." Yes, or No? I, _____, place each and every level of my consciousness that did not say YES into a Full Court of Atonement with the entirety of my family lineages. I ask to analyze our timelines and resolve any and all reasons I did not say "yes" at their points of origin. I ask for amenable dissolution of this energy. I forbid this energy any further access to my body, my energy field, my family lineages or my timeline. Repeat the statements above until it feels REALLY TRUE! Other statements you could clear. "I have money." If you are interested in clearing more issues around money, I have a booklet called. "Making Peace with Money."

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