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Making Peace with Money

All of us think we are open to receiving money, but if we were talking to our bodies, our bodies would tell us that we have a lot of fear built up in our nervous system around finances.

We have gut-level reactions to words that are associated with money and these neurological responses send off signals that we are not safe. When we do not feel safe we subconsciously avoid what is causing the signal. All of the words are associated with Money. So, subconsciously we are avoiding it!


Money, checks, cash, credit cards, etc. each has its own frequency that must be cleared. This booklet goes into each word that means money and uses a Court of Atonement call to clear it out of our family lineages.

Once cleared we feel relief and peace around money, which calms our nervous system and allows us to attract financial stability.

This E-booklet works to resolve these issues throughout our family lineages. 

Making Peace with Money

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