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Finding Lost Items

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Sometimes things are lost for a reason.

One time a friend lost his glasses on the beach. I offered to go tune into them and find them for him.

When I created the connection to his glasses, I was told by his guides. “This prescription is three years old; he needs a new prescription.”

So, I did not try to find his glasses and instead told him the message. At first, he denied it and said that he had only had the glasses for a year. But later, his wife confirmed that the prescription was three years old.

Because I can talk to the consciousness of objects, I have had quite an education. When we speak harshly about things, they get lost to make room for something else.

One time I lost my cell phone, and when I tried to tune into it and ask it where it was, I heard, “You don’t need to find me. You do not even like me.” I was shocked, it was true! I had been speaking badly about this phone since the day I got it.

I had just changed phone companies, and the new phone couldn’t get service within a mile of my house! If I wanted to make a phone call, I would have to ride my bicycle a mile and stand on a cliff to get reception.

I had been saying things like, “I hate this stupid phone.” I took a few minutes to explain to the phone that I was angry because the phone company it was connected to wasn’t allowing it to do its job. Once I apologized to the phone, I heard it say, “I’m under the guest bed.” And it was.

I, ________, place myself, ______ in a Full Court of Atonement with my, ________ I ask to have our timelines evaluated, and resolve any and all conflicts between us at their points of origin. I ask that we be reunited here on the physical plane.

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