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Stopping Forbidden Attraction

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Someone asked in an email about stopping an attraction to someone who is already with a partner.

In order to make our bodies no longer want to continue the attraction, we need to create a negative association to the person. If it were me, I would allow my brain to imagine in great detail the spouse finding out about it.

I would try to see in detail how hurt they feel and how sad they are because of my actions.  In my mind I would "Live it”   Then tell myself.  “I, __________, forbid myself from feeling any further attraction to, ________. I demand that I feel ONLY friendship for them. 

I, __________, place myself, _________, into a Full Court of Atonement with each and every level of my consciousness for the purpose of demanding that I disconnect my attraction from, ___________.  I forbid this attraction. 

Trying to stop an attraction is an area of free will area.    To do it, you will have to get tough with yourself and access EVERY level of consciousness.

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