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Speed Calls Explained

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

A speed call in the Full Court of Atonement process is like using a speed dial on your telephone. You know how you used to push one number, and the phone automatically dialed ten digits.

Similarly, with a Speed Call, using a short phrase activates pages of intentions I have channeled to make it easier for us to clear energy about a particular situation.

Most of the Speed Calls are self-explanatory by their name. They do what the name says. "Bless-ed Travels. Home Security. Optimal Working Conditions. They do what they say they do but with a lot more power behind them.

Most are straightforward in doing what they are asking, with the exception of a few. Resolution of Murder, for instance, should be used not only for a murderer or a murder victim; it should be used for anyone who knows those people.  It also works for those who have committed suicide. It is even beneficial to people who are suicidal. It works for the victim and their loved ones.  Even if you don't know anyone who has been killed, try using it on yourself and your family lineages.

I, _______, place myself, _______, into a Full Court of Atonement with the entirety of my family lineages for the purpose of Resolution of murder.

For instance, Restoration of Self is a speed call.  When you say "for the purpose of Restoration of Self.   It activates everything I've listed below. 

Restoration of Self

Asks that these words activate the process of restoring the individuals named or intended into the Court of Atonement to their most appropriate connection to body, Soul, and Spirit. 

Asks to integrate the Soul, Spirit, and physical form creating solidarity and divine connection to life force energies.

Asks for the results of the Full Court of Atonement to be felt by the named or intended person to the core of every cell in the physical form. 

Asks that the operation of the Court of Atonement be discussed with each and every Soul, Spirit, or Denied Aspect that was present at the moments being investigated by the Court of Atonement.

Asks to adjust the frequency of the emotional body to be receptive to the court’s findings.

Asks to adjust the frequency of the mental body to one of inert sublime acceptance of the court’s findings.

Asks to analyze the brain of the individual named or intended in the Court of Atonement and resolve any and all degradation of brain matter. Asks to restore the health of the brain to optimal working status. 

Asks to relieve the body of any and all dependencies of state-altering substances and allow the body to once again feel the rush of excitement known to them in their youth. 

Asks to create subtle but palpable pleasure in the physical bodies of those who are named and or intended into the Court of Atonement. 

Asks to create within the named and or intended party the love and joy of being alive. 

Asks to create a sensation of understanding and acceptance of the topics being analyzed and create Atonement at the core of every cell. 

I may eventually put out a booklet of what is in all of these speed calls. But for now, the information is only available in classes: Speed Calls 2019, Speed Calls 2020, Speed Calls 2021, and Speed Clearing.

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