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Pain Relief.

Pain can be a hard thing to handle at times. We can however use the power of our minds to lessen the severity of the pain. Ask yourself. How stong is the pain? (Scale of 1 to10)

How big is the pain? (the size of a walnut or an elephant)

What shape is the pain? (Allow your mind to track the feeling and see its shape.)

What size container could you put it in?

Imagine wrapping it like a present.

Who should you give it to? Place yourself into a Court of Atonement with that person.

I, ______, place myself, ______, into a full Court of Atonement with ______. I ask to analyze our timelines and resolve any and all conflicts between us at their points of origin. I ask to resolve any and all reasons we have not yet forgiven each other at their points of origin. I ask for amenable dissolution of this energy. Now start at the top and do it again.

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