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Missing Pets

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

First, work on the way you feel about the pet. Does it have any behaviors that have been upsetting you? Use the Change Your Beliefs worksheet to clear those thoughts about the pet. Next, work on clearing how you feel about the pet having gone missing. This will clear up a lot of energy that might be blocking the ability to get what you want, which is your pet back home.

You can use this statement below before you clear your fearful thoughts, but I highly recommend that you come back after you have used the Changing Our Beliefs Worksheet and say it again.

You will have more power available to you.

I, _______, place myself, _______, into a Full Court of Atonement with my pet _______. I ask to analyze our timelines and resolve any and all conflicts between us at their points of origin.

I ask to resolve any and all reasons my pet, _______, is not coming home.

I ask for divine intervention. I ask to return my pet, _______, home safely.

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