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Money and the FCOA

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

After noticing that someone was trying to get my attention. (I kept getting goosebumps and feeling someone touching my hair.). I reached for my computer and began channeling.

Good Evening is someone trying to get my attention?

Yes, and you might want to sit down. We will be here for a few minutes. 

What may I help you with?

We are noticing an increase in people using the Full Court of Atonement for personal gain.

What do you mean?

They are asking for riches

Okay, What would you like for me to do about that?

Make sure that the people know that it is for the purpose of clearing the conflict between themselves and the riches they seek rather than asking merely for the riches.

The money booklet is a great example of clearing what might be between them and the prosperity they are seeking.

Think of life this way; You want to have the river flowing through your property, but there is a dam that was built to hold the water back.

You even built the dam yourself.  You wanted to create a swimming hole, so you put the rocks in place to create a great swimming hole.

If you want the river to flow unrestricted, then choosing to take rocks out of the way is the best way to do it.

However, you might now have an internal struggle between having a great swimming hole vs. having the flow of water running through your field and you must come to a clear vision of one or the other, or a combination of both to feel good about removing the blocks. 

You have built a dam in your flow of money for a reason.   The dam is there solely because you chose to put the dam there.   Something you did or are currently doing has created the dam.

Asking for more money, when you have chosen to put a dam in the flow of money is like adding water to the lake behind the dam.

You can do it, but if the lake gets too full, there might be problems in other areas.

It is best to work on why you put the dam in the stream and remove the need for the dam.

Most people put the dam in because of anger.   Anger at the way they were treated by others regarding work and earnings.   They say "I am not earning enough money." And the more they focus on that, the bigger the dam gets.

If you would like to use the Court of Atonement to obtain riches, then it is best to work on how you feel about not having riches.

Once you clear that energy out of the way, the flow of money can pour in.

For more information on clearing the emotional rocks from your dam follow this link to the blog.

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