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Getting Rid of Blocks

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

There really is no such thing as a "Block." Energy is always moving in and out of form, and there is no way to block it. However, it can feel like we are blocked because we think the same thoughts and therefore create the same thing. If we would like to buy a new car but continue to believe "I don't want the payments," we close ourselves off from the reality of having a new car.

There are many other ways to receive a new car rather than paying for it, but with that lousy thought running in our lives, the miraculous ways are not available to us.

I have had a neighbor give me their old car. It wasn't new, but it was a big improvement to the car I had been driving. I know two people who won cars, and one won TWO cars!

The fastest way to get to our goals is to remove the detrimental thought that causes us to stay where we are. Ask yourself, Why don't I, _____? or Why am I not, _____?

I, _______, place each and every level of my consciousness, that believes _______, into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of resolving any and all reasons I believe, _______. I ask to resolve these reasons at their points of origin. I ask for amenable dissolution of this energy. I forbid this energy any further access to my energy field, my body, or my timeline.

Now go back up and ask the question again and see what comes up.

I suggest that we do this exercise regularly.

You can download a pdf Worksheet of this exercise below.

Releasing the Blocks
Download PDF • 2.97MB

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