Dealing With a New Diagnosis

Updated: Apr 10

Knowledge is power! If you have received a scary diagnosis, try to hold in your mind the idea that nothing has changed with this knowledge.

You are the same today as you were when you first walked into the Doctors office, except you have now identified something that you have been needing to address, you just did not know it until before.

Now that you know that there is something needing healing, you can take action to address the cause of it.

Tell yourself... “I am safer today than I was before I knew it. Now I can take care of it.”

Millions of people around the world are living long healthy lives on the other side of having a terminal diagnosis.

Unfortunately, just the diagnosis alone can strike fear in the heart and the soul of those who are facing it.

My guides are always telling me that these major diseases are the biggest motivators to get us to change our directions and c