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Change Your Beliefs

Updated: Jan 10

What we think about and believe is what we create tomorrow.

It is essential to question the things we believe when those things are causing us pain.

I was visiting my parents, and my father once again was not wearing his hearing aids, so my mother and I were feeling frustrated because we "believed that he should wear his hearing aids."

I heard my mother say, "He can never find his hearing aids."

My father's problem was that these hearing aids were not adjusted properly and made every sound hurt his ears, so he kept taking them out, and they were easily misplaced. For several days prior, they had not been able to find one of his hearing aids. The following morning, I had my mother sit and dump the belief. "He can never find his hearing aids." We all so dumped thoughts like. "It's so frustrating." After a few minutes of doing this, both my mother and I were feeling much better. My mother got up to retrieve her phone, and when she returned, she said. "You're never going to believe this... I just found your dad's lost hearing aid." We had a good laugh. But this is the way it works. When we have beliefs or repetitive thoughts that people treat us a certain way, that is what we experience. Use the worksheet below to relieve the stress around your thoughts. Try the process even if the statement feels like absolute truth. I.e., "My sister died." It might feel counterintuitive, but I have been wonderfully surprised at how much stress was dumped by trying it on painful but true statements.

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