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Are Ghosts Spirits that are Stuck?

We have a very limited understanding of what existence is like beyond our earthly lives. We try to understand the concept by using words like "Trancendance, moved on, or stuck." But we have also heard that the Soul exists in a place with no time and no space. We've heard it, but we don't understand it.

If there is no time and no space, there is no way of being stuck.

So then we have to ask, how come my grandmother appears in a bad way?

According to what my guides and other spirits have told me, our Spirit can revisit any moment of their life and have it look and feel as real to them as it did when they lived "Through" it.

When we have events in our lives that are upsetting and "Unfinished," these memories can haunt our thoughts and keep us awake at night.

Those memories live on, well beyond our time on Earth.

We all know about the Soul and the Spirit, but for years we have used the words interchangeably, but they are actually two very different levels of energetic connection. The third level of consciousness connected to the body is what my guides call "Denied Aspects." This is the "lowest level of connection."

This connection is filled with the things we don't like about ourselves, the memories of events that were too painful to look at, so they went unresolved.

When we are "Requesting Trancendance Assistance" for our loved ones, we are asking the Soul to heal as many unfinished memories as it can.

Another important piece of the puzzle is to try to understand that the Spirit of our loved one doesn't actually go anywhere. The Soul (The part of us that has lived many lifetimes and has a vast knowledge of life, holding no emotional attachment to what happened.) transcends! It moves along on its merry way. "Whoo hoo... What a ride!" The Spirit (The part of us that holds all of the memories of only this one life.) Hangs around staying connected to their loved ones.

When a loved one experiences events that are filled with similar emotions to Denied Aspects of our Grandparents. The energy of it awakens the memories of our loved ones.

When the living person resolves their issues, it releases the energy of the grandparent's memory and stops the cycle from repeating.

If we were to see our grandmother and she appeared to be angry or upset, then something in one of her grandchildren's lives is going on that holds a similar vibration to an unhappy event in grandma's life. This frequency of discord was a perfect match and like a combination lock it activated grandma's memory of her event. (Much like playing an MP4 video, except fully interactive.)

The Spirit of Grandma does not need to "Attach" to the event if it is resolved quickly. But if the event triggers emotions that linger, then Grandma's Spirit will return to the memory and allow herself to experience it fully. Our energy of discord is like the power source that activates the memory, and grandma is now connected to it. This is how "attachments" happen.

At this point, Grandma will become a guide to help the grandchild resolve their problem.

Once the grandchild heals their event, Grandma's memory will also be healed so that she and her descendants will be free of the energy.

If the grandchild "Stuffs it" and chooses not to learn from the event, the memory will go dormant again.

The Spirit of Grandma was not stuck. But the Denied Aspect, although dormant, will remain in the person's energy system, and every time something of a similar frequency happens, it will activate and make it feel ten times worse. When a Spirit returns to help heal an event. Its consciousness moves fully into the memory. So it appears that Grandma is Stuck. Because she doesn't seem to know anything but the experience of this negative aspect of her life that she is currently submerged in and experiencing.

Remember, the Spirit has the ability to be in many places at once.

These are not easy concepts to grasp. But it is helpful to start pondering the existence of three levels of connection, "Soul, Spirit, and the earthly connection of "Denied Aspects." when the Soul has the strongest connection to the brain, life is really good. When the Spirit has the strongest connection to the brain, life is alright. But when the Denied Aspects have the strongest connection... We are depressed and even suicidal. Repeating the clearing statements. "I am, _____, and only, _____. Only those who come from the light are allowed in my space." Should revert you back to the Spirit running the show. and using the FCOA for "Soul Recognition and Restoration of Self." is our best shot at putting the Soul back into the driver's seat outside of serious intent and mediation. I, _____, place myself, _____, into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of Soul Recognition and Restoration of Self, Developing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries, and Optimizing my Energy Encasements. Amy Jo Ellis © 2022

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