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Help, I’m out of control!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Originally posted May 19, 2021

Sometimes we feel like we are out of control and nothing we try seems to fix it. I’ve figured out; this is happening because we quite literally are not ourselves. Sometimes our friends and loved ones tell us the horrible things they are going through, and we begin to identify with their situations. We begin to feel bad “For” them! – Feeling bad for them brings their energy into our bodies.

The other day I was working with a woman who had a terrible backache.

After working with her, I figured out that she was carrying energy for her daughter. When she said, “I am, _________.” and said her daughter’s name, she felt a huge “Yes” sensation in her body.

Once we cleared the daughter’s energy from her, the pain in her back dropped significantly. Another woman was grieving with uncontrollable sadness over the loss of a dear friend. Using the Full Court of Atonement speed call “Grief Recovery Resolution and Traumatic Stress Resolution didn’t help her.

I realized that she was not connected to her name and fully identified with what her friend’s wife was going through

Once she cleared the energy of the widow off of her energy, she was back to normal, capable of talking about his death without losing her composure.

One way to recognize that we are holding the energy for others is to hear ourselves saying, “I feel so bad for them.” “I feel sorry for him.”

When we say “I feel for,” we are taking that energy in and changing our frequency drastically. We are owning their hardships for ourselves!

When you find that the Court of Atonement isn’t shifting the way you feel, you should stand and look in a mirror while you say it.

I, _______ place myself, ______, the person I see in the mirror into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of Soul Recognition, Heart Center Optimization, Developing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries, and Optimization of Energy Encasements. Now to know if you are connected to someone else, try saying.

I am, ___________. Yes or no?

Start with your name. I am, ________. Does it feel true?

Then think of someone who is going through a tough time and say their name in the blank. I am, ________ . “yes or no?

You can also try your parent’s and your children’s names and see if they register as a yes. Once you get a “Yes” on someone other than ourselves, we can resolve the connection with the statement below.

I, _______ place myself, ______ into a Full Court of Atonement with the parts of myself that believe myself to be, ___________. I ask to resolve any and all reasons I am carrying energy for him/her. I ask to resolve any and all conflicts between us and within me. I ask for amenable dissolution of this energy. I forbid this energy from any further access to my body, my energy field or my timeline.

Now you can ask again. “I am, ________. Yes or no?”

It should feel different.

Use this technique anytime you find yourself feeling strong emotions that seem blown out of proportion.

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