How to Feel Better Fast!

Updated: Jan 30

Sep 6, 2021 (originally posted)

Our emotions can really run away with us!

When this happens, we begin attracting more and more events of the same emotional charge.

Allowing our negative emotions to run uninvestigated in our lives causes us undue stress.

Since stress causes illnesses it is important to resolve these emotions, not bury them!

I used to watch a funny movie or put on music to lighten my mood… This still works, but when the music stops the thoughts start crawling back in.

Now, I quickly address the emotions and then ask to resolve the reasons I feel this way. I am amazed at how quickly I can feel normal again.

Use the worksheet below and enjoy feeling better… FAST!

I like to print out the worksheets, then laminate them and keep them on my desk!

What am I feeling? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________