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Absorbed Sibling.

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

This article was written in 2018. I have stumbled upon an energy interference I first called "the Lost Twin." But we now refer to as "Absorbed Sibling."

At first, it seemed small and isolated, but now that I am aware of it, I find that it affects maybe as much as 30% of my clients.

I have long known that unborn babies have had a huge effect on the family. Abortions, miscarriages as well as children who died very young, their energy can cause an upset in the family that lasts a lifetime.

What I am calling "Absorbed Sibling" energy is different. Early pregnancy sonograms often show two babies in the womb, yet only one baby will remain in a few short weeks. This phenomenon is extremely well documented and known as Disappearing Twin Syndrom.

Remember, the embryos are tiny at this stage, and some are even microscopic, so the placenta absorbs the debris and uses this energy to form the surviving baby.

A twin dying and being absorbed by the placenta is common knowledge. What is not common knowledge is that this absorbed sibling's consciousness affects us.

Those who have this energy in their system tend to feel lonely, isolated, sad for no reason, depressed, unheard, unseen, and unrecognized by their families. The consciousness of the absorbed sibling is causing these sad feelings. This sibling feels unseen, unheard, and unhappy. So these people have a little voice in their mind, telling them these thoughts of loneliness.

Let me tell you how I discovered this.

Years ago, my friend Audrey Ephland, an excellent psychic medium, was helping me resolve a conflict with my family.

We were trying to use Family Constellation Therapy (You have people stand-in to represent your family members and then watch their movements as you say things to resolve the conflict.)

I was in Puerto Rico, and my friend Audrey was in California. We didn't have other people to help us, so we had chosen to visualize the family as dots of light on a clock face. That way, we could describe what we saw in the movements of energy.

We assigned my energy as a pink dot at 12, my father as yellow at 9, and my mother as a green dot at 3 o'clock.

While we were working, I noticed that my mother's energy wasn't stable. The dot was blinking blue and green. I just started to open my mouth to say this when Audrey said.

"Something is going on with your mother. Her energy is changing colors from blue to green."

I was shocked! She was seeing the same thing I was seeing, and we were four thousand miles apart!

She then said, "I think it is a small energy that is in orbit around her!"

I told her, "I'm going to speed up my energy and come alongside it."

Audrey said, "Hang on, I'm going to try to catch it!" Then she squealed, "Oh no! It's kind of like a wad of chewing gum, but it's a little person all wadded up."

My hair stood up! I told Audrey, "When I was a kid, my mom had a cyst removed that was hair, bone, and teeth. The doctors told her it was her twin that had died before she was born and had been absorbed by her body.

Because we had worked with Family Constellation, we thought we needed to do something to honor the twin and bring it into its proper place in the family dynamic.

Together we said some prayers for my mother and her twin to recognize each other on the soul level. In the prayer, we asked to introduce the twin to her parents and other siblings. Then we called my mother and told her how we had found the energy of her sister in orbit of her energy field. We told her that we had named the sister "Amilia" and introduced her to her parents at the soul level ( WARNING I do not recommend interacting with the sibling any longer.)

After doing this work, my mother appeared to be happier and less stressed, but the happiness didn't last very long, and I soon realized I would have to work with my guides to find a more permanent solution.

Next example:

I was speaking with a client who said she was having a hard time working on herself. As an energy healer, she was getting great results working with others, but so far, she had not seen great results in her own life. Everything she tried seemed to aggravate her system rather than improve it.

In her personal life, she felt overshadowed by her older brother and even a bit invisible.

At one point in our conversation, she mentioned that she was awkward as a child and even had to have surgery to have extra teeth removed, and my alarms went off!

I told her, "Let me explain to you where those extra teeth came from!" I went on to tell her about my mother having the surgery to remove an absorbed twin.

The client had an emotional surge when she heard it and said, "This feels profoundly true!"

We muscle tested and found that she did have a twin that was absorbed, and it was affecting her results with her healing. You might say, "Part of her was denying the healing."

Working together, we named the twin (Just as we had with my mother. but DON'T DO IT.)

Using her middle name, we called a full Court of Atonement and introduced the twin to the family.

This woman could feel major shifts. She experienced waves of emotional release from the process.

The whole time I was working with her, I kept thinking of my brother, who also had extra teeth removed.

That night as I lay in bed falling asleep, I started doing Courts of Atonement to heal my brother and his twin. I chose to name the twin my brother's middle name, just as I had with my client. I took both my brother and his twin, now named Isaac, into a Full Family Court of Atonement and introduced him to everyone in the family. I prayed for divine right action to heal my brother and his twin.

I told Isaac how much I loved him and wished I had known him all along.

As I lay there, dozing off to sleep, I experienced a large SNAP of energy. Suddenly, there was a vision of a woman nose to nose with me. She looked familiar, and yet I couldn't see who it was in close proximity.

I thought it might be my deceased sister, so I asked, "Is this Jenny?" I heard the answer in my thoughts loud and clear. "No, this is Isaac!"

A sister!! My brother's twin was a girl!! I had assumed absorbed twins would all be identical twins, but I was wrong.

I asked about changing her name, and she said, "No, I am really happy with Isaac!"

I don't have any results to share with you yet, because this all happened this week, and I haven't called around to find out if there were any shifts yet.

I suggest that you ask yourself if you have absorbed siblings in your energy system because I have found that if you don't look for it specifically, you cannot remove it. The FCOA for Soul Recognition which is intended to be a form of exorcism does not remove it. A full-on exorcism will also not remove it. And even my own clearing statement of "Only those who come from the light." does nothing to remove the angry, pissed-off energy of an absorbed sibling.

Grounding, clearing, and even asking if your energy is one hundred percent clear will give you a false answer because this energy is part of you.

The sadness and the depression appear to come from the Spirit of the twin longing to be recognized.

In my own family, I have two aunts and a grandmother who had the same cysts removed. I have also found this energy in several family members who have had no symptoms of it. (Extra teeth or cysts.) So, look around and test to see if you or a family member has this "Absorbed sibling energy."

If you want to find out if you have any absorbed siblings... All you have to do is ask yourself this question:

"During the pregnancy that carried me, was there at any time more than one embryo?"

You can use the sway test Stand with your eyes closed and ask the question. If you sway forward, the answer is a yes. If you sway backward, the answer is no.

There is a reason I no longer suggest naming the sibling and working with it. I have been told by my guides to use the Court of Atonement to prevent the conception, which should free us of the detrimental energy completely.

Even people who know they have this sibling and have named it would benefit from disconnecting it with the statement below. Because the disconnection will do a lot to clear upset out of their energy field. Stopping the conception doesn't harm the Spirit of the sibling. The Spirit still exists, so the Spirit can choose to remain with us as a guide if it likes.

Requesting Absorbed Sibling Resolution prevents the conception of the sibling and stops the thoughts of not being seen, heard, or loved.

Here is the suggested protocol to heal this energy.

Absorbed Sibling Resolution

I,________, place myself,________, into a Full Court of Atonement with the entirety of my family lineages for the purpose of Absorbed Sibling Resolution.

I ask to search out the youngest members of my family and place them in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of Absorbed Sibling Resolution and clear this energy from the entirety of our family lineages.

I ask for family unification.

If you believe there are issues caused by an abortion or a miscarriage, this is a totally different idea. However, I have worked with my guides to develop a Court of Atonement speed call to assist with resolving this energy as well. Use your name in the first space and the name of the person you would like to help in the second space. If you want to do this for yourself, then place your name in both spaces.

I, _________ place, __________ into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose Embryonic Energy Resolution."

© Amy Jo Ellis 2018

At this point, you know everything you need to know to resolve this, just repeat this statement every couple of days for a while. If you would like to know more, there is a chapter written on this subject in Book 2. Enhancing our Lives

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