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Sydney Shepperd

Embrace a fresh start!  Hello.  I’m Sydney Shepperd, and I clear and align my clients’ energies so that they can live their best lives.  As your personal energy professional, I customize each session to address the specific issues you are facing in the exact right order for your best results.  I help my clients with ALL kinds of problems, whether relatively new or persistent, by locating blocks, conflicts, or obstacles in the energy field and clearing them.  Once those impediments are handled, we can then align your energy with your new preferred way of living. We hit the proverbial reset button and set the stage for your vibrant life going forward. 

If you are longing for peace in your heart and mind…..if you are longing for more love and joy in your life…if you are longing for more closeness in relationships, just know that there is more available for you.  Let’s talk!

Experience and Modalities:

Parenting Instructor/Coach (32 Years)


The Court of Atonement  (my go-to); Ancestral Clearing; Ask & Receive; NLP(master level); Reiki (master level); Tapping; Specialized Kinesiology; Brain Gym; Brain Reflex Integration & more

Animal Reiki (master level); Tellington Touch; Tapping for Animals, Eden Energy Medicine for Animals & more    925-784-2514

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