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Healing Your Family Tree

This little E-booklet teaches a simple process that takes just a few seconds to perform, and yet has the ability to release negative patterns that have been in place for generations!


The Court of Atonement is a game changer!


Some of my students tell me, that it works so well for them, that they go to bed thinking about it and wake up eager to start again.


Anonymous ~ “Your court of atonement is astounding! I used it for my father regarding his alcoholism. He came to me a few days later and told me how a man had befriended him at a party and told him his life story. The man had been an alcoholic and spoke about how hard it was for his family. My father said, ""This man was really an inspiration for me. I saw myself in his story. I am turning over a new leaf! I have to apologize to you kids, I had no idea how hard my drinking has been on you.”” Six months later he is still sober!”

Healing Your Family Tree

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