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Maria Morgan

Maria is a certified holistic health practitioner that offers her services to help her clients on their journey to manifesting the life they desire.  


Early on in her study of holistic health, she realized how crucial the emotional and energetic component was in the pursuit of true wellness.  She now assists her clients in moving from low vibrational states of fear, upset, dissatisfaction, and discontent to a place of freedom, inner peace, and empowerment.


She utilizes The Court of Atonement (predominately) along with other modalities such as EFT tapping, Emotional Alchemy, Pendulum Healing, and others to help her clients release or shift emotional and energetic imbalances connected to traumatic experiences and memories, stuck emotional energies, limiting beliefs, and negative thought and behavior patterns.  

She helps her clients reach higher vibrational states that assist them in better aligning with their goals and intentions and living their lives with greater flow, grace, and ease.

Her services have also assisted many clients in resolving conflicts with others and finding more peace and harmony within their relationships.


Maria works with anyone, at any distance, via Zoom

For local (Long Island, NY) clients, Maria also offers Tuning Fork Vibrational Sound Therapy & Reiki.




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