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Halla  Angawi

Hi. My name is Halla and the FCOA has changed my life. It turned around the relationship between my husband and son, resolved many behavioral issues with my pets, and alleviated numerous pains in my body. I use it daily for everything. Every time I hop into the car, when I see people fighting in the supermarket, when my dog doesn’t want to listen. I would love the opportunity to share this gift with you. 


I am also a Certified Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code Practitioner, a yin yoga teacher, and a cat lover. I do Reiki and Emotional Freedom Therapy, as well.


I am located in Saudi Arabia (GMT+3) and I am fluent in both English and Arabic. I work with young and old, human and animals. Sessions may be conducted in-person, video calls (Zoom, Skype, Instagram, Telegram) or remotely (you don’t have to be present in the session). 


I offer a free 15-minute consultation call and discounted packages. Depending on your preference and/or what is needed, we may use one or multiple modalities in each session.


1 session is $80

Expedited session are $94

Animals are $26


A 3-session package is $228

A 5-session package is $360

Packages are valid for 3 months and you may use them for your entire family.


I look forward to working with you.

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