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Deborah Danzeiser

Introduction to me:

      I am a "seeker;" as a person with Asperger's and a pretty literal way of thinking, I come to the Court of Atonement from a place of science. I have a BS in microbiology, a MS in biochemistry, and a Masters of Library Science, and have worked as a research technician, a teacher, and a librarian. An untimely move derailed my traditional work trajectory, but it is important to my well being to "have a purpose" and to feel useful. I am exploring what that means now.

      While I have always been "too sensitive;" it wasn't until 10 years ago that I heard the word empath and a few years later that I realized I am a person with Asperger's; both were epiphanies that helped me understand myself and the world better.       

When Western medicine wasn't sufficient to help me cope with muscle spasm-induced migraines, I started exploring acupuncture/TCM/meditation which took me to qigong/crystals/Reiki and that took me to energy clearing/pendulums/dowsing and then in 2019, the Court of Atonement. Wow, that was a game changer in a big way!!

       I realized that I have been experiencing observable phenomena that couldn't be quantified or explained- I call energy work "science we don't have tricorders for yet," but it is absolutely biophysics- the science of electromagnetic fields. Bc we don't have the science yet, we default to words of religion and metaphysics, and that is off putting for some. 

       Whether you say "soul" or "science we don't understand yet," the Court of Atonement is an incredibly powerful conflict resolution tool-- conflict within one's self, conflict with others, conflict with stuff. The beauty of the Court of Atonement is that it is super simple and anyone can do it- all it requires is asking for what you want.

        Sometimes it needs a little troubleshooting. I can help you align with your name (where the power comes from) and help you remove blockages in order to make using the Court of Atonement more effective.

        You can reach me through direct messages via Facebook to see if you would like to learn to use the Court of Atonement more effectively to take power over your life, your health, your well being.


Deborah Danzeiser

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