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Ciara Burns

My name is Ciara Burns, and I'm from and live in the West of Ireland.

I assist clients to uplevel and ascend into a higher vibrational state of being by guiding them to identify and release trauma energy from the body and energy field.

My work is a combination of the healing frequencies of Angelic Alignment, with conscious awareness work called Quantum Thinking Transformations, alongside Emotion code & Body code work. I teach you how to stabilize, ground, and hone your own energy field. My goal is to empower you to support yourself in your spiritual growth and evolution. The work I do penetrates on a very deep level and is most suitable to those who have some experience with energy clearance and are dedicated to their personal evolution.

My website explains my work in more detail. If you think you may wish to work with me the next step is to book a call.

I offer an opportunity to speak with me for a free 30 min discovery call which you can avail of via my website:

You can link in with me and follow me on



Happy atoning

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