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Restoring Peace to Earth

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ~ Albert Einstein

Someone pointed this quote out to me years ago, after they heard me say.

“We cannot create change using the same energy that created the problem.

You cannot dry the floor with water.   You cannot put out fire with fire!

Being outraged at outrageous things does nothing to change them."

I was surprised and delighted that Albert Einstein had said something so similar.

We must find peace inside of ourselves if we are intending to restore peace to the Earth.

My guides are suggesting that we focus our attention on our hearts and create a connection before we begin to do a visualization of a healed and restored Earth.

Sit quiet and intend to hear your heartbeat.    With your eyes closed, allow your thoughts to drift down into your heart.   Any thoughts other than your heartbeat are to be dismissed.   Say to yourself “I am listening to my heart.”   You will either hear your heart or feel your pulse.   Some may even see their heart beating.   Once you can fully sense your heart in some way, it is time to start forming images in your mind of life on earth the way you would like to see it.

You may either image a lush green, healthy landscape of your choosing.   Or, you may imagine people gathered together helping each other to solve a current situation.

You can see them helping by hugging each other, cleaning up the mess, and getting along.   Any image of things working well will work to start the energy of peace within yourself.

Sitting and enjoying these sensations are broadcasting this peace out into the atmosphere and as a result, it begins to change the frequency.

Think of it as like putting ice in hot coffee.   It’s not instantaneous that the temperature changes, but it does change things quickly.

The more people who are viewing the image of complete restoration of life on earth, the faster it saturates the current state and changes the frequency.

One ice cube in a hot cup of coffee cools it a few degrees.   Ten ice cubes in a hot cup of coffee will make it a nearly frozen drink.

Place your focus on your heart.   Tell yourself,   “I am listening to my heart and only my heart.   I am listening to my heart.

I, ____________, place my heart into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of correcting any-and-all non beneficial energy in or around my heart.

Now take a few minutes to find your heartbeat and visualize the restoration of harmony around you.

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