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Using the Court of Atonement is making a request to the universe to have our Souls
discuss our problems and resolve the issues between us at the Soul level. 

Getting Started 


There is plenty of free information on how to use this process, but the fastest way to get started is to read the $5.00 booklet "The "Court of Atonement explained" or the original booklet. "Healing Your Family Tree."  


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What is the Court of Atonement?

The Court of Atonement is a spiritual healing process that resolves conflicts at the Soul level.     The idea is to ask our Souls to discuss past issues until they understand why things happened.   Once the Soul understands,  it allows forgiveness to take place.   

At the conscious level, we are not aware of the change, but things that used to upset us stop triggering us at the cellular level.    

What can you use it for?   
  • Ex-relationships     

  • Current Relationships 

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Neighbors

  • Co-workers

  • Pets

  • Money!!


Because the Soul always has free will, we do not need permission to use the Court of Atonement for other people.  The Soul can decide to accept the blessing or continue without changing.   If you think the FCOA might help with something, there is no harm in trying it! 

Basic Statement

How to use
The Court of Atonement

Think of a person you are at odds with.  Read the basic statement and place your full name in the first two spaces and the name of someone you want to resolve issues with in the second space. Then ask to resolve the conflict or ask to create whatever your desired results would be.


Read More

I, ____, place myself, _____, into a Full Court of Atonement with ______ for the purpose of analyzing our timelines and resolving any and all conflicts and discord between us at their points of origin. I ask for amenable dissolution of this energy.

14 Free Lessons
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Learn how to use the Court of Atonement absolutely free. 

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Court of Atonement Booklets are $5.00 each and are filled with examples of how to use the Court of Atonement to resolve issues with family, friends, pets, addictions, Money and MORE! 

Learn More


Amy Jo puts on classes every other week. If you would like information about her classes, Sign up for emails  



Below is a list of classes that Amy Jo feels are the most important concepts to understand to help improve your life

Absorbed Sibling Revisited

When a second embryo starts with us in the womb, its energy gets entangled with our own, causing us to feel unloved and unwanted.   Learn how free yourself of this highly detrimental energy.  

Optimizing Our Boundaries

Help stop anxiety and ease your senses by creating a flow of energy. 


Time Jumping

Learn how to ease the burden of mistakes and re-write the past. This process can even reduce pain and put an end to anxieties that were caused by traumas. 

Magic of Alignment

There are many levels of consciousness within our own energy field.  

For years, Amy Jo made her living singing in bars and restaurants.   If you are curious, you might enjoy watching her Youtube channel. 

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