Grinding our Gears & Our Teeth!

Updated: Jan 28

A woman once asked me about grinding her teeth. I told her that I used to have the problem, and the dentist told me that I was grinding my teeth because I had a high spot on a filling. Once my teeth were equilibrated by drilling away the high fillings, all signs of TMJ disappeared.

I think you were expecting a spiritual answer so, let me check-in and see what else can be causing it.

Determination to force things into being is one of the biggest causes of grinding our teeth.

We are trying to force things to happen. This determination crosses over into our dream time, and we grind away at forcing life to bend to our will.

Thinking about issues with a finite, “This is the only way.” Attitude will cause us to feel stress. The emot

ional causes of teeth-gnashing are drawn from fear, anxiety, and or anger and lots of it!

Gnashing and grinding our teeth is an instinctual response to anger combined with fear.