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Grinding our Gears & Our Teeth!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

A woman once asked me about grinding her teeth. I told her that I used to have the problem, and the dentist told me that I was grinding my teeth because I had a high spot on a filling. Once my teeth were equilibrated by drilling away the high fillings, all signs of TMJ disappeared.

I think you were expecting a spiritual answer so, let me check-in and see what else can be causing it.

Determination to force things into being is one of the biggest causes of grinding our teeth.

We are trying to force things to happen. This determination crosses over into our dream time, and we grind away at forcing life to bend to our will.

Thinking about issues with a finite, “This is the only way.” Attitude will cause us to feel stress. The emot

ional causes of teeth-gnashing are drawn from fear, anxiety, and or anger and lots of it!

Gnashing and grinding our teeth is an instinctual response to anger combined with fear.

Think about a dog growling. His teeth are gnashed tightly together as he thinks about defending his territory. He is angered that someone has come and afraid of what they will do.

This fear with anger can come from a divorce, being fired, etc. Things where we are angry at what happened and fearful of the future.

People try to physically force their life to come back together by pounding the pavement for a job to take the first one that comes their way.

Spiritually forcing things with prayer or positive intent can look like this; “I ask for the interviewer to like me. I ask that this interview goes well. I ask to get this job”.

Spiritually lining things up looks differently, “I ask for a job that fills my life with joy in every way. I ask for the highest and best outcome of this job interview.” Letting go and having faith that the outcome will be what it is meant to be, takes the pressure off of the interview. You know that if it doesn’t go well, the job was not for you and something better is coming.

Taking spiritual action is to have a thought. “I wonder if the nursery down the road is hiring.” Then making a call.

When we feel fear, we panic and try to manipulate the outcome that we think will solve our problems.

Forcing things causes us to become afraid of the outcome. We get the job, and suddenly, we fear it is the wrong one. There really are no WRONG choices. We learn and grow from all of our experiences. The unpleasant ones teach us the most because we now have clarity of what we don’t want, so we can aim more directly at what we do want.

I, ____________, place myself, __________, into a Full-Court of Atonement for the purpose of recognizing when I am spiritually lining things up and when I am physically or spiritually trying to force it. I ask myself to see that the universe always transpires for me and that I can trust things to come to me at the perfect time in the perfect way.

I place myself, ___________, into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of allowing myself to relax and trust the universal process. I ask myself to stop grinding my gears and my teeth and allow my life to feel peaceful. If you are having issues with anger or fear you can use the process described in my blog post. “People are Pissing Me Off!” to clear it.

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